Everyone’s Agnostic


Deanna and Rich host Marie D’elephant of the Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast. Marie tells about her 12 year deconversion process as she left a fundamental Christian religion to become a freethinker. Her story will inspire you and challenge you to reach deeper within yourself to discover who you really are.

Left at the Valley


Left at the Valley is a uniquely funny podcast that uses off-the-cuff humor to land important points about living life as an atheist in a land that is not atheist friendly. We met them through podcasting and would love to introduce this energetic group to our listeners. They are not your average atheist podcast. They are a cut above. And we hope you enjoy then!

Introducing the After Faith Network with Jerry Dewitt


Rich and Deanna Joy are joined by Jerry Dewitt and together they form the After Faith Network – bringing together the assets of Hope After Faith, and Living After Faith.

In this episode, you’ll learn about new shows you can enjoy, and new programming to listen to.

Join us as we launch our most ambitious year ever!

Steve Shives – Episode 94


Steve Shives joins us for a long conversation about politics, Star Trek, atheism, YouTube, and more.

He’s also a Managing Partner for the Normalize Atheism Campaign

Find his great videos here: https://www.youtube.com/SteveShives

You can support him on Patreon

He’s on Ensign’s Log & Late Seating