Innocuous Religion – Episode 13


Is there such a thing as religion that does no harm? NO! And in this episode we tell you WHY.

Xtian warning: If you are a Christian and you don’t want to be offended, this is an episode to skip. We examine how religion, even in its most innocuous forms, destroy life and the value of living.

A must listen if you are out of religion but still struggling with questions about the value of religion.

3 thoughts on “Innocuous Religion – Episode 13”

  1. Dear Rich and Deanna – Wow, I really enjoyed this podcast. It's almost surreal to listen to like-minded people with regard to atheism. I did want to point your listeners (and you) to an excellent interview from the Diane Rehm show back in December. She interviewed Roger Rosenblatt about his book, "Making Toast," which describes the the incredible, life-changing tragedy of his 38-year-old daughter dying from a sudden aneurysm. It's a powerful story. During the interview Rosenblatt talks about his belief in god (or not) and mentions the James Joyce version of god: "He created the universe and is off doing his nails. He doesn't care." (or something to that affect). Even as a consummate atheist, I found this interesting. He is of course referring to the idea of an "otiose" god or a god who simply doesn't care about his/her/its creation. For those who simply can't give up the last vestiges of belief, I think this is a good way to "comfort" them. "Ain't no-body coming to the rescue my friends!!!!

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