7 thoughts on “She Never Wanted to be an Atheist – Episode 20”

  1. Strangely – a lot of my library science friends have the Kindle. I guess I'm a lot more likely to purchase a book for an E-reader than I am to borrow it from the library – I don't like having a limited amount of time to read things in most cases – I own a lot of books (close to 1,000 at the moment). Hopefully Overdrive and Kindle will eventually work something out – electronic rights management is a huge pain…

  2. I don't begin to understand the electronic rights management. Way over my head. BTW, we've gotten lots of positive email about your episode. One even says you should be a regular guest host! Thanks for LAFing with us.

  3. This was a good episode for me. I can really relate to not wanting to be an atheist. I fought it for years. I wanted the myth to be true, but after a while, I couldn't keep up the fight in my head any longer.

  4. This is uncannily similar to my life. The only difference is I told my parents about my disbelief in Christianity. It has been a very painful process and knowing I have someone to relate to is encouraging. Please continue the podcast–it's been a wonderful resource!

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