Freedom From Westboro Baptist – Nate Phelps – Episode 29


Nate Phelps made a daring escape from his father, Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church on his 18th birthday. Now, he is Executive Director of Center For Inquiry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In this episode he shares how he made that journey, and what is ahead for Nate Phelps.

Center For Inquiry

Nate Phelps

Westboro Vs. KKK

Morrison’s Prophecy

Atheists Fuck Better – Episode 28


Dr. Darrel Ray joins us for an in-depth look at his “Sex and Secularism Survey.”

In this episode we talk about sex and how religion can fuck that up. The good news, once you get out of religion, fucking gets better!
We discuss the surprising and some not-so-surprising results.

The Believing Brain — Michael Shermer Episode 27


Michael Shermer joins us during his book tour for The Believing Brain. In this episode he shares for the first time, his “coming out” story of how a born-again Christian becomes the nation’s top skeptic.

The Believing Brain