One thought on “Greater Sapien: Jerry Williams — Episode 32”

  1. I feel sorry for Mr. Williams parents for belonging to the Jebobah's Witlesses Church which is one of the most fundamentalist and cult-like Christian denominations that destroy people's lives. I'd rather be a Mormon if I had to pick between the two. I'm a Jewish atheist who was raised as a JW and had been through many other through many other other christian denominations and non-abrahamic religions. If I were forced to belong to a fundamentalist christian denomination in particular it would be Mormonism, I would go back to Mormonism. I would never go back to the JW's. Most of them are good people but their religion is destructive to me. I think that if I had to join a fundamentalist religious denomination of the Christian stripe that it would be the Mormons. I'd rather have a bullet through my head then go back to the immoral JW church.

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