Are you getting the feeds?

We are getting conflicting data from Feedburner, Blogger and our hosting site that means some people may not be getting our feed. We think iTunes is okay, but RSS sources may not be working. Please check the latest episodes here on the site and let us know if you are or are not getting the latest. This will help us fix it if something is wrong, so everyone is getting the feed.

As always, if you did not get a feed, you can download here or listen here.

7 thoughts on “Are you getting the feeds?”

  1. I'm getting it, via google reader.

    But you know, if you only post this to the blog, then people who are not getting the rss feed also won't see this. Or am I getting things backward again?

  2. the RSS updated the feed for this blogpost in my Firefox "smart bookmarks" tool bar, and iTunes seems to be updating the podcasts just fine on my end.

  3. Chokolate, you are right. If the person doesn't come to the blog except for the feed, they will not get this. It seems like a lot of our traffic comes to the blog sometimes to just check and see if there's anything new, so maybe this will notify them anyhow. We've also posted the message to twitter and facebook, in order to get coverage for the issue. I hope things are working!

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