9 thoughts on “Jerry Dewitt Challenges the American Atheists Convention – Episode 55”

  1. So glad you're posting convention stuff. I didn't get to go cuz I did the rally bus thing (which was exhausting, but made great friends), so this is awesome to be able to get snippets. Thanks! Oh, and about this actual post… Jerry gave me goosebumps and watery eyes. I'm giving a huge AMEN up in here! 😛

  2. Drew, I was there and the same feeling you describe is what many of us that were there experienced. You're not alone. Next year's convention is in Austin, TX. Be there if you can. I'm planning on it.

  3. A powerful talk to be sure … but "personality suicide"?!? Yeah, I can see how it can be perceived that way, especially for those to whom religion was so integral to their lives, but there has GOT to be a better way to put it.

    For me, coming out as an atheist wasn't about killing myself but REALIZING MYSELF, recognizing an important element of my authentic self and embracing that. The only kind of death that is is the death of ignorance and self-delusion. I haven't lost any friends over that realization … yet … but those who are most important to me know who I am and at minimum, have no problem with me or my atheism.

    And that's my $0.02 worth.

  4. Jerry! I was cracking up at around 9.30 when you said "…if you come from where I came from…start screwing with definitions like that…no long until you're at the Reason Rally." Let me be your witness on that one…you nailed it! Thanks Rich and Deanna for posting!
    Godfrey (TCP)

  5. Wow. This is a powerful speech. I get the sense that this is exactly the kind of energy the atheism movement needs now. I'm a lifelong atheist, and it's exciting to see such momentum from the ex-clergy. I think it's a sign of some major changes coming and I'm hopeful for the future.

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