Hasidic No More – Episode 62


Ari Mandel tells of his escape from one of the strictest Jewish communities in America.



3 thoughts on “Hasidic No More – Episode 62”

  1. Doesn't Ari's service in the army allow him to take advantage of the new GI Bill? If so, that would take care of many of his college financial issues.

    I appreciate your direct and eloquent approach to these issues.

    A big fan,
    Michael in NC

  2. From the article at the first link:

    "meeting later this month intended to draw thousands of men to discuss the dangers of the Internet… A live video-feed will be streamed to six locations"

    I wonder what they'll use to transmit that live stream…

  3. I would SO love to have lunch / dinner with him (Veggie Heaven in Teaneck or New City…since we are both vegan). He is fascinating. Having lived near / worked in Monsey my whole life, I would enjoy picking his brain for a bit on numerous subjects.

    …throwing it out into the universe to see what happens…

    @allison_ivy on twitter

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