– LAF Returns – Episode 63

LAF returns with our worst, and possibly best episode ever? Thanks to everyone who has supported us through our time off.
The episode we release tomorrow is rough. People who have heard our other episodes will hear a lifeless chill in my voice. Only in listening back to it did I realize how dead I still am inside. But I’m so much more alive than I was a few months ago.
It’s hard work. The work isn’t over. All I know is I will survive, not because of my own strength, but because I have a wife who is awesome, and I have a community that is stronger than any individual could ever be.

23 thoughts on “– LAF Returns – Episode 63”

  1. So happy you are back. I've been checking every week and been hoping you were doing better. When you're thoughts start turning down, think,"I am the Survivorator!" And pretend you are a velociraptor and stamp about in your room, scaring all the crap away!

  2. I was just coming back here to see how things were going with you and hope you found some improvement in your life. I have truly missed your podcasts!! Look forward to them starting back up, thanks Rick and Deanna for all you do!

  3. We all know it is a lot of work fighting your demons. (For lack of a better word) Take your time and be patient with yourself. Being patient with yourself is the hardest part. The brain is a funny thing and can be most annoying.

    Take care

  4. Glad to hear you are back. Although I am on the opposite side of the fence as you are I still like listening to the podcast because of the honesty and openness you display in the interviews.


  5. I listen to your podcast and I am so happy you guys are back. Rich I cannot imagine the issues you fight but keep it up. You two are AWESOME 😀

  6. Very interesting and Honest…Keep doing what your doing because I'm sure it is helping out many people , including Me…Rick Irey

  7. so glad to have you back. I love the rawness of your show. I also have PTSD problems and i sort of feel less alone now. Thanks.

  8. I'm very happy you're back and recovering! Also, your priorities are totally on target. You two have what seems to be such a strong relationship. Stay strong together.

    While I love this podcast tremendously, I'm more than willing to "go without" while you work through the PTSD. Heck, if you stop posting altogether, you will ALWAYS have my support. I'm sure my thoughts are echoed by many of your listeners.

  9. First of all, I want to say "Welcome back!"

    I'm glad to hear that you are both doing so much better, and I'm also glad that you are going to be doing more episodes.

    I've been listening to all of your previous episodes for a while, as well as your appearances on Ask an Atheist.

    and I wanted to let you both know that you have quickly become two of my favorite people on the internet.

    It sounds silly and gushy, but I've listened to many atheists on YouTube and various podcasts like Ask an Atheist, The Non-Prophets, Godless Bitches, and The Atheist Experience… and you two have totally stolen my heart.

    Every time I hear one of you is on Ask an Atheist I do a little happy dance, I'm not even kidding lol!

    So do me a favor and have a great day 😀

    Oh, one last thing.

    Do you remember the episode with The Clergy Project where someone said that now atheism has a heart? Every time I listen to podcasts and such, there is usually a moment or another I laugh or feel hope for humanity, but you both have so much heart that it puts me in good mood without fail! 🙂

    Thanks, from the pig's ass of Washington (Spokane)
    -Ian Lovell

  10. I listened to your podcast now and I'm really in awe of your relationship. It's a blessing to have someone in your life to stand strong with you through the good and the crap.

    I really identify with the predicament of striving to attain to a standard, while drawing lines to maintain your sanity. Its a delicate balance that comes with a price (stress), but the rewards are worth it (a certain level of functioning).

    I have aspergers and ADD (and self-esteem issues, which doesn't improve the situation), so things tend to overflow my overprocessing brain sometimes. I tend to be chaotic and stressy, so just maintaining that baseline functioning takes a lot mentally and physically, but it's so fundamentally important to me. So yeah, I just really understand the need to maintain that balance.

  11. Thanks so much for the podcast. I waited and checked in, I don't do much on iTunes as I have a Droid, so I just bookmarked your page. I will admit that I couldn't listen the whole way through at first. My heart aches for both of you. The pain in your voices, well it made me wish I could just hug the shit out of ya! You all prioritized correctly; you have to hold onto one another, and the source of income. I'll keep subscribed on Facebook and keep checking here. You truly are two beautiful and wonderful people. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. New listener here, also a "new" Atheist (finally made the switch from Deist/Agnostic). FREEDOM!

    I also suffer from PTSD (4+ years now).
    It's a tough road. You sound like you have more support than I do and you ARE going to be just fine. I used to go to group therapy but I was the only PTSD'er there so I got limited use from it. Hearing your return update/podcast really hit home and helped ME so much. Thanks guys!

    I am SO glad you are back!
    I LOVE your podcast and am still getting caught up on past episodes.

    – Warren (aka, Bad Wolf)

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