12 thoughts on “Religious Trauma Syndrome – Episode 71”

  1. I was thrilled to have a new LAF podcast episode. And, Ms. Winnell was incredibly insightful.

    Thank you so much for all your efforts at continuing this podcast.

  2. I just watched Dr. Winnell's talk at the Texas Freethought Convention(2010, split into 4 parts on YouTube). It's a very powerful talk, and well worth the time. It really gives a sense of what folks coming out of religion are facing.

  3. This podcast was one of my favorites to date. I've listened to it twice already. Thank you. I didn't know anything about RTS, but it really hit home for me.

  4. Dear Rich and Deanna Joy,
    You two are amazing. I know this work is a labor of love and I for one understand how much it is needed since I see how much people have been harmed by authoritarian religion. It will be a while before this suffering is no longer under the radar of awareness in our society, so thank-you for taking us forward in that direction. Keep up the good work. Marlene Winell

  5. I have listened to this podcast 6 times. I suspect that I could listen to it another 6 times. Thank you. Luke 🙂

  6. Just listened for the 2nd time. Amazing, one book I need to get. A recovering Mormon. Think I’m about ready to become a RR volunteer. Love your show. Don’t let the “little rich” win.

    little billy ain’t winning either

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