All The Content Warnings – Episode 79


Content Note/Trigger Warning: We discuss sexual assault, emotional abuse, bullying, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts.

We figured we should probably talk frankly about our mental health and life challenges that led us to go on podcast hiatus. Deanna Joy discusses a lot of the things she has been through in recent years in detail, hence the CN/TW.

2 thoughts on “All The Content Warnings – Episode 79”

  1. Thanks for the honest and open podcast. CPTSD has been my companion for a long time. I actually take a beta blocker, which is normally for blood pressure, for the anxiety and panic part of it. To not have fight or flight symptoms as the norm has been so unbelievably helpful. It has allowed me to deal with the head stuff so much better. Antidepressants didn’t ever help with the physical symptoms of CPTSD.

    1. Hi Teresa, thanks for commenting!

      I’m so glad the beta blockers are helping you, it’s so hard to find relief with CPTSD. I remembered that prazosin is an alpha blocker so I got curious and looked for the difference between the alpha and beta blcokers and I learned some things. So thank you for that.

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