Introducing the After Faith Network with Jerry Dewitt


Rich and Deanna Joy are joined by Jerry Dewitt and together they form the After Faith Network – bringing together the assets of Hope After Faith, and Living After Faith.

In this episode, you’ll learn about new shows you can enjoy, and new programming to listen to.

Join us as we launch our most ambitious year ever!

2 thoughts on “Introducing the After Faith Network with Jerry Dewitt”

  1. Thank you; FINALLY this seems like a dream come true. Rich Lyons I first spoke with you OOOHH probably about 10 or so years ago when you were a guest on Ask An Atheist on KLAY, I called in and was sharing that I was sitting on the fence.
    I then started listening to Living After Faith podcast. not too long after that I made it offical I was an Atheist.
    A few years later I fouind Bobby and Mrs Ashley’s podcast NRR, then HAF.
    I kepy on thinking about how Jerry and Rich would make a good podcast because of thier clerical affiliations.
    I had mentioned on KLAY on AAA radio that i still beleived was because I am an alcoholic member of AA, and relinquishing my belief would jepordise my sobriety.
    And Rich told me about his pastoring; And I was indeed vert comforted.
    I since wrote a 15 page “Theolog” on my epostomology. and how and why I became an atheist.
    WOW!! Thanks; Looking SO foreward to future episodes. with you all.
    I’m elated

  2. “end Human bankruptcy” an idea whose time has come.
    I am Happy to see that Jerry is starting a new adventure.I lost contact with ” Hope After Faith”Looking forward to the New Show.
    Enjoying this Podcast.

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