Rich Lyons spent 20 years as a minister of the United Pentecostal Church, before a series of events caused him to take a rational look at his faith.

In the following years, he gradually debunked and rejected, one-by-one, the many doctrines of the church where he preached.

Eventually, he left that church and finally left faith altogether. That process was quite painful, and resulted in Rich being abandoned by his family and friends, and losing not only his home and job, but also losing a career and a way of life.

Deanna Joy was forced to go to Methodist church services as a child and went through periods of intense fear of hell while experiencing skepticism over bible stories. As a teen, she was homeless several times and ended up in an evangelical foster home. The host family was very controlling and angry with her for not wanting to go to their church. They went to a Vineyard branded franchise with an emphasis on music. This church also practiced “pray away the gay” which was highly stressful for her to hide from while discovering she was bisexual.

Today, Rich and Deanna Joy live in Seattle and are working hard to enjoy themselves and make a better life for everyone. They host the Living After Faith podcast, which addresses the process of coming out of religion, and how to truly live again after leaving the life of faith.

Rich is an amazing audio editor who after 20 years of analog editing, transitioned to digital editing in the early 2000’s. He uses this experience to edit and produce several podcasts in addition to LAF. He has been doing public speaking all his life, starting as a radio announcer in 1978, spoke from the pulpit for 20 years, and now only uses his voice for good. He and Deanna Joy are available for speaking engagements on a variety of secular and religious topics, and can also teach others how to use their voices effectively via podcasting and audio work. They are both available for voice work. They can be contacted here:

In “Living After Faith,” they discuss ways that together, we can develop our own skills for positive living. We can be as diverse as humanly possible, yet provide for each other community, support, encouragement, and even a shoulder to cry on.

Life only has meaning if WE give it meaning. What is meaningful to you may not be to me. No matter. I want to help you find YOUR best way of living with meaning. And I NEED that same help from you.

Living After Faith has nothing to do with living a meaningless life.

Come LAF with me.