Taking A Leap of Doubt – Episode 91


In this episode Deanna and Rich talk with Nathan Dickey of A Leap of Doubt Podcast. Nathan was in training to become a professional Christian Apologist when he reasoned his way out of the faith. Join him as he recounts his journey, and discusses depression and suicidal ideation.

CN: Depression and suicide

Fighting the Darkness Like Superheroes- Episode 88

(CN: spoilers are discussed)

We watched a couple of movies that stirred up some feelings about the human condition and the state of the world: Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Sometimes the things that give us so much hope and make us feel motivated to see the good in the world also contrast with the darkness and despair around us. We’re trying to fight back against that darkness in our heads.

(Note: Most of my crying during those two movies were happy cries, thankfully. Also, apparently I did get the song lyrics right despite getting the melody mixed up with “Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book. The real question is how did I even know this old song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qk9o_ZeR7s ~DJ)

Thomas Westbrook – Episode 87


Thomas Westbrook is a podcaster, content creator, and activist who is currently raising money for Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests on GoFundMe.

(CN: discussion of child abuse)

Here are links to find him:
The Here and How Podcast
Holy Koolaid
Holy Koolaid on Youtube

Marissa Alexa Lennox-McCool is getting a Science Vagina – Episode 86

We’re here to bring you an extra special crossover episode in support of Marissa Alexa Lennox-Mccool. She is a podcaster, author, performer, speaker, ​and an LGBT rights and atheist activist. She co-founded the Trans Podcaster Visibility Network, she is the host of the podcasts The Inciting Incident and The Cis Are Getting Out of Hand, and she produces a few other shows and helps out numerous other podcasters in many ways, including being a rad guest.

She is the author of 6 books with a 7th coming soon, as well as several screenplays. She’s now about to go in and get a Science Vagina, and we wanted to show her some love from her community to perk up her spirits, and share her go fund me and her work to perk up her bank account. You can find links to her writing and more information on her website, Rismccool.com

Okay, so before we go on, here’s a plug for Rissy’s gofundme: Operation Science Vagina Recovery She’s gonna need as much help as we can provide to get through these lean times. We donated and it would be super helpful if you can donate too, or share the link.

In this episode, you’re going to hear a lot of gushing of love, support, and admiration for Marissa. This is being released simultaneously on several other podcast feeds. We wanted to get this out as widely as possible so we’ve partnered with other shows to get these audio messages together and out to the world. And it’s a surprise!

Contributors in order of appearance:
Bethany Turner – The Transatlantic GeekCast (coming soon!)
Charlotte Page – The Transatlantic GeekCast (coming soon!)
Skeptic Brett – Atheists on High Podcast
Ingrid Stone
Zach Law – The Zachriledge Cast
Ari Stillman and Jeremiah – The Gaytheist Manifesto
Amy Withawhy – Secular Soup
Ami with an i – Secular Soup
Maddy Love – A Minnesota Trans Atheist Podcast & Atheists Talk
Hertzy Hertz – Atheists Talk & Hertzey Talks
Wren – The Cis Are Getting Out of Hand (guest)
Stevie Faithless – Trans Punk Rock Girl podcast
Larry Yellingman – Man Yells at News Podcast
Alisha Ann – The Inciting Incident Podcast (guest) A Koch’s Cakes
Cory Johnston – Hardcore Skeptic Examines & Brainstorm Podcast
Tris Mamone and Morgan – Biskeptical Podcast
Nathan Dickey – A Leap of Doubt
Jen – Not Another Atheist Podcast

Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/3z5hf2

Skepicktok with Stephen James – Episode 82


Back in the early days of Skype, we spoke with YouTuber Stephen James, who did an especially good take down of the Christian YouTube sensation of that day.

We also announce our new sponsorship in this episode. Living After Faith is now sponsored by Tellectual Press! We’ll tell you more about them and how this came to be in the episode.

Skepticktok on YouTube