Left at the Valley


Left at the Valley is a uniquely funny podcast that uses off-the-cuff humor to land important points about living life as an atheist in a land that is not atheist friendly. We met them through podcasting and would love to introduce this energetic group to our listeners. They are not your average atheist podcast. They are a cut above. And we hope you enjoy then!

Visiting Old Friends in NOLA – Episode 74


We recently traveled to New Orleans for a wedding and while we were there we met up with a couple of old friends. You get this special two-part extra long show!

Jerry DeWitt has been on LAF a couple of times. We recorded on the beach with our iPhones at sunset. The weather was beautiful and warm, with a gulf breeze blowing in over the water.

You’ll remember Chad as our very first guest way back in episode 11 in 2010. Life has brought him and us some very big ups and downs since then. He’s now playing music in NOLA and trying to live his best life. We sat on his porch and chatted and got to listen to him play some lovely riffs.

Jerry’s podcast and info can be found here: https://hopeafterfaithpodcast.com/

Catching Up With Meemo – Episode 73


In 2012, our good friend Meemo wrote a blog post for us. It told the story of growing up in Rich’s Pentecostal church and the hardship it is to suppress who you are in order to conform to an outward fundamentalist ideal.

We sat down together for a conversation to catch up with Meemo to see where her journey through life has brought her now.

The Intensity of Rose Cross – Episode 70


The most intense thing you will listen to, maybe ever. Kevin Byrne told us his story in episode 21, and he’s the rock band behind our theme music, Rose Cross. Rich recently shared some audio files of his preaching with Kevin, and Morrison’s Prophecy released this version on a new album.


The episode is short, but extremely intense. You will hear Rich preaching in full Pentecostal intensity. So far, the general response to the song is, Holy Fuck. And it is. We hope it does as much for you as it has for us.

Download Rosecross

LAF Episode 21

Daniel Dennett – Episode 68


Daniel Dennett LAFs with us!

One of the Four Horsemen of the anti-apocalypse, Daniel Dennett is the author of many books, including Breaking The Spell, which is a must-read for anyone leaving religion.

His latest book, Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking is available now.

Special thanks to Sarah Morehead with Recovering From Religion for her help setting up this interview.

Skepticism – Episode 64


We spoke to Desiree Schell, host of the Skeptically Speaking radio show, and Rebecca Watson, fearless leader of Skepchick.org and co-host of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, about skepticism and critical thinking. We focused on how religion can often keep us from examining claims critically, and how freeing (and fun!) it is to learn and hone those skills after leaving thought-stifling religions behind.