Reason Rally Preview – Episode 52


We give you a preview of the Reason Rally, and the American Atheists Convention in Washington, D. C. Our guests include David Silverman, Greta Christina, Nate Phelps, Sarah Morehead, and Mandisa Lateefah Thomas.

We’ll have daily episodes of the best of the Reason Rally and the Convention, with lots of interviews.

Come LAF with us!

David Silverman:

Nate Phelps:

Greta Christina:

Sarah Morehead:

Mandisa Thomas:

Reason Rally Afterparty:

Compassion Beats Faith – Episode 51 Robert Parham


Today we speak with a man whose love for his friends started a chain of events that led him away from religion, and into reason. Robert Parham has a butter-smooth southern accent, and a mellow delivery that belies the heartbreak in his story.

We noticed some audio glitches on this file. If you downloaded it and it sounds glitchy, re-download it. It’s fixed now.


No Longer Quivering Pt. 2 – Episode 50


We talked with Vyckie Garrison with No Longer Quivering earlier, but couldn’t share everything she said. Today, we finish the conversation. The last time we talked mostly about the movement and what it was. Now, we talk about Vyckie herself, and her journey’s after quivering.

No Longer Quivering Blog
Take Heart Project
No Longer Quivering Pt. 1

You’ll LAF, You’ll Cry, You’ll Shit Your Pants – Episode 49


Al Stefanelli joins us for an all out hoot of a show. We’ll discuss his Bapticostal roots, to his days frightening off “prayer warriors” in the grocery store. Al is the Georgia State Director for American Atheists, and one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet.

Shopping with Satan
Al Stefanelli
Reason Rally
American Atheists Convention

50 Reasons and 50 Things – Episode 46


Guy P. Harrison is an author, world traveler, and atheist freethinker. He joins us for a discussion of “50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God,” and “50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True.” It’s an hour of atheism and skepticism from a the worldview of a person who has had these conversations with thousands of people across the globe.

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Guy P. Harrison

Sex and God – Episode 45


A new book will be out soon that will change the way you look at sex and your own sexuality. It’s called “Sex and God” and in this episode we talk with author Dr. Darrel Ray about some of the most interesting parts of the book.

Reason Rally
American Atheists Convention
Recovering from Religion
“Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality” on
Dr Darrel Ray’s Skepticon talk
Pastafarian Sex Prayer
Take Heart Project

No Longer Quivering Part 1 – Episode 44

After having 7 children as part of the Quiver Full movement, Vyckie Garrison not only leaves the movement, she leaves Christianity altogether and becomes an atheist. In part one she explains how deeply she was ingrained in Christianity and how she became free.